Senior Katelyn Schrager wins scholarship with her creativity

Fairmont senior Katelyn Schrager has received a $5000 Faculty scholarship to attend The Art Institute of Cincinnati’s College of Design. The scholarship awarded her drawing of  a black and white design in a geometric form. Vice President of Admissions at AIC Cyndi Mendell was impressed by her drawing and is looking forward to seeing more creative art work from her in the fall. 

“We are very excited to have Katelyn as one of our most talented and creative students of the fall class of 2011,” said Mendell.

Schrager was very surprised that she won the scholarship. She didn’t realize that so many people were fans of her art work.

“I was surprised that I won the scholarship because to me it hasn’t been my best drawing, but I am glad AIC liked it; it definitely paid off,” she said.