Staller’s research paper wins Air Force competition

Stallers research paper wins Air Force competition

Fairmont High School sophomore Tad Staller has been selected as one of the top three finalists for the national Air Force Heritage Writing Competition at the National Museum of the U.S. Air Force. Staller will be awarded either a $1,000, $700 or $300 scholarship for his research paper. Staller’s paper was chosen as a finalist from student papers from all over the country.  The topic of the paper he wrote responded to the following prompt:

“On June 20, 1941, the Unites States Army Air Forces are formed. 1.) Who were some of the advocates for forming this branch of service? 2.) What were arguments for and against the formation of this branch of service? 3.) How was the service evolved and where may the Air Force be going in the future?”

Staller’s paper was judged by a historian from Georgia and also an editor from the Pentagon; the standards for this research paper were strict and rigorous.

On May 14, 2011, the National Museum of the Air Force will hold a reception for the top three finalists where placement of winners will be announced along with the awarding of scholarship money. The museum also hopes to have a few distinguished guests at the reception.