‘Rhythm of Love’ falsely advertises ‘Wonders of the Younger’

Rhythm of Love falsely advertises Wonders of the Younger

The Plain White T’s newest CD, Wonders of the Younger, released in 2010, fell quite short of the catchy tunes that I’ve come to expect from them. Like most people who bought it, I was drawn in by the song “Rhythm of Love.” It’s a good song with fun lyrics and a sound that draws you in; that, however, is the complete opposite of the rest of the album. After listening to the album, I learned why the only song from it played on the radio is “Rhythm of Love.” It was kind of like a downward spiral, with the songs getting progressively worse until they reach the point where I didn’t even want to listen to the introduction. Some of the songs had misleadingly interesting intros, like “Last Breath,” with a cool stringed instrument beginning, and the offbeat start to “Cirque Dans La Rue.” This song starts out with a weird demented circus sound that builds false high expectations. Overall, I was disappointed with what The Plain White T’s produced in Wonders of the Younger; I wanted to be able to listen to more than one song off this album without recoiling in horror.