Newly elected USB members can’t wait to get started

Newly elected USB members cant wait to get started

Juniors Jeff Bruns, Anna Smith, Alyson Miller, Monica Wagner, Lexi Fannin, Melanie West, Jessica Wuensch, Madison Koebke and Justin Kihn are some of the few new USB members.

Fairmont students participated in the democratic process through the United Student Body elections on March 25 and April 8. Fairmont’s freshmen, sophomores and juniors selected the junior winners for 10 positions from a pool of 19 candidates who tried to win votes with tireless campaigning and creative ideas.

After hours of counting votes, USB Adviser Jenny Borchers announced the USB members for the 2011-12 school year. The first round of voting determined the executive positions; those elected were Monica Wagner for president, Paqui Toscano for vice president, Melanie West for treasurer and Anna Smith for secretary. The second round yielded the commissioner positions, with Justin Kihn elected commissioner of spirit, Jeff Bruns elected commissioner of elections, Lexi Fannin elected commissioner of communications, Alyson Miller elected commissioner of public relations, Madi Koebke elected commissioner of social activities and Jessica Wuensch elected commissioner of special projects.

The 2011-12 USB members plan on incorporating their own personal style into their positions. Kihn plans to focus on getting students involved in Spirit Week and the Centerville games. “I’m going to have a super-cool surprise costume,” said Kihn. “I plan on being  so spirited, it’s going to be contagious.”

Wagner, the USB president-elect, feels she brings useful strengths to the job and plans to engage the entire student body. “I feel I’m a strong leader, but I’m looking for more ways to grow. I’m excited for the opportunity to be a leader and work with everyone at Fairmont.”

Miller wishes to do much more with her public relations position than she feels has been done in the past. “I’m really excited to do a lot more with it. There’s never really been a set-in-stone job for commissioner of public relations. I want to focus on reaching out to the community and student body.”

All of the 2011-12 USB members are starting to gather ideas on how to better Fairmont as a whole and to reach out to the Kettering community. Borchers and the USB have not yet determined all of the tasks they will take on, but Borchers feels these juniors will be a strong group.

“I’m excited for next year’s members because they are the same age as my advisory, so I feel like I know them better,” said Borchers. “They drive and tone the activities; they’re the ones to pay attention to.”