‘The Secret Garden’ will bloom in early May

The Secret Garden will bloom in early May

Sophomore Christanny Wieismann puts a marble pattern on a pillar during a combined orchestra and cast practice.

The Fairmont High School musical has always been a big deal to the students involved with it, and this year’s musical brings the same aspects that have brought fame to the past musicals. The cast and technical crew of The Secret Garden are aiming to put on a beautiful production filled with the memorable music and scenes that have brought The Secret Garden its popularity.

The Secret Garden is an all-time great musical,” said Director Brody McDonald. “The music is complex but accessible to all listeners. There are elements of humor mixed in with a dramatic story that will captivate the audience.”

McDonald is confident the audience will enjoy the show, and he hopes they will appreciate the hard work put forth by the nearly 100 students in the orchestra, stage cast, and technical crew involved this year’s production. “They are so professional,” said McDonald. “We have had the smoothest, most productive rehearsals of any musical to date.”

Senior Alli Kneubuehl, who has participated in theatrical productions through both Fairmont and The Kettering Children’s Choir, knows last year’s production of Sweeney Todd brought in everyone, and she hopes The Secret Garden will keep those numbers up. “The story in The Secret Garden is completely opposite from Sweeney Todd,” said Kneubuehl. “Sweeney Todd had a decent beginning and quickly spiraled downward, while The Secret Garden has an uplifting story.”

Sophomore A.J Breslin also loves the story of The Secret Garden. “The music is simply gorgeous, fantastic,” he said. “I’d say more but I really can’t.” Breslin wants the audience to see the talent that Fairmont has to offer, and he doesn’t want to spoil it for them.

Like the cast, Pit Orchestra Director Michael Berning likes The Secret Garden for many different reasons; however, one reason sticks out above the rest. “Music, music, music. Lucy Simon wrote some very wonderful music for this production,” said Berning. He also likes the choice because of “the beautiful story line. Also, the show fits the kids we have this year very well,” he said. “It has fantastic music and is a show for the whole family.”

McDonald agrees with Berning’s view on the musical and has only has positive things to say about the music. “This music never gets old,” he said. “I have been listening to its music for approaching 20 years, and it still makes me smile, laugh and cry.”

Both the students and staff are looking forward to the musical, and are hoping Fairmont students and staff and the Kettering community will come out and see it. The Secret Garden will be performed at 7:30 p.m. on May 4, 5, 6 and 7 in the Fairmont Auditorium. Tickets are $6 for students and seniors and $8 for adults, with group discounts available.

“The production this year will be great,” said Kneubuehl. “With the cast we have, you can’t help but to almost be brought to tears by the end.”