Prom takes planning for organizers, students

Prom takes planning for organizers, students

Many people think of Prom as this beautiful extravaganza to celebrate the end of high school for many teenagers. But not many realize the preparation that goes into the event, both from the planning committee and the Prom-goers.

When in Rome

This year, Prom journeys back to the times of ancient Rome; Trent Arena will be transformed to fully embody the spirit of the ancient empire. The lobby will look like a coliseum and, according to Prom committee chairs, a lot more is in the works to try to make April 30 as special as possible. “The Junior Class Council chose the theme after students came up with ideas including Bollywood and space,” said Fairmont Activities Director Jenny Borchers. “Then they voted and ‘When in Rome’ won,” she said.

Choosing a date

When going to Prom, many students go the traditional way with a date. Sophomore C.R. Horner is no exception. “With a date, you have the whole dinner aspect and pictures and other fun things. And I find it’s more meaningful to go with someone you ask, as opposed to by yourself because you have that connection with one person,” he said.

Senior Daniel Strohminger agrees. “I’m so busy with school and it’s hard to find time to spend with my girlfriend since we are both so busy, so it’s really nice to go to Prom together and be with our friends,” he said.

Choosing a group

With the changing culture in the country, more students are going to Prom in groups and not with dates. Senior Brittany Koerper thinks this is a good fit for her. “I personally think going with your friends is a lot more fun because you know your friends so well and you always have fun with them anyways,” she said.

Senior T.J. Klopfstein thinks going with a date has its benefits, but he’s also choosing the group approach this year. “I feel like with a date you are kind of stuck with them,” he said. “It’s fun to be around them, but you can’t really dance with a group as much, so I think being with a group is more fun.”

Staying safe

Everyone has heard of Prom night disaster stories, so Fairmont holds After-Prom to keep students safe. It’s held in the gym and cafeteria areas of the school and features games, food and prizes. After-Prom is a way to keep students off the streets late at night and a way to safely have fun.

“Prom is an infamous night where teenagers are out late because Prom is our latest dance, going from 9 p.m. to midnight,” said Borchers. “Afterwards, we have After-Prom, which is a safe environment for students to come, and generally everyone has a great time. Safety is our No. 1 concern.”

Fairmont students agree that it’s important to stay safe. Senior Sarah Behm gives some advice for Prom-goers. “Be smart, make smart decisions and don’t drink. You want to remember your night, not the hangover afterwards,” she said.


This year, the theme for After-Prom is a tropical “Fantasy Island.” The theme rotates out every five years, so this is how the theme was chosen this year. A major part of After-Prom is the decorations the school uses. “I think the decorations are important because the kids like to see the school transformed so they really don’t think they’re at school for a party,” said Julie Evers, a parent and member of the decorations committee.

After-Prom attendance has dwindled in the last couple of years, and the parents who work to put it together would like to see more people there. “I hope people realize what a good deal it is and it is a lot of fun,” said Evers.

Prom extravagance shows in pocketbooks

With Prom the price of Prom tickets, then adding the costs of dinner, dresses and tuxes, hair, makeup, After-Prom tickets, and a possible limo, this dance can end up turning into quite an investment. Students have their own opinions on the costs of Prom.

Senior Amanda Gouge believes Prom is in no way cost-effective. “I don’t think Prom is fun enough to be worth the amount we have to pay for it,” she said.

Behm agrees but believes that no matter the price, students will continue to attend Prom and try to have that perfect experience. “Girls always dream of the perfect Prom dress, and they’ll pay whatever it takes to get that dress,” she said.

Horner disagrees with Gouge and feels that the high prices are worth the results. “I think Prom costs a lot because it’s the big dance! How often do you dress up in all this nice stuff and actually go out?” he said. “You have to take the time to make everything really nice.”

What is the real financial situation with Prom?

Believe it or not, but Fairmont is on the very low end of the national average for Prom ticket costs. “We are very lucky to have a facility like Trent Arena so we don’t have to pay for one,” said Borchers. “For instance, Bellbrook High School is renting the arena for their Prom, making their ticket prices higher.”

Fairmont also doesn’t do dance favors like photo frames and key chains and leaves dinner up to the Prom-goers. “But after you pay for a DJ, decorations, refreshments, and security guards since there are so many students, the costs pile up,” said Borchers.

Another difference between Fairmont’s Prom and that of other schools is where the profit goes. Both Homecoming and Prom are huge fundraisers for Spirit Chain. Junior Class Council strives to raise $5,000 to $10,000 toward it each Prom. “Most schools use any extra money made as their senior gift or for their principal’s fund, but we don’t do that,” said Borchers. “We’re very philanthropic so we try to donate any of our profit.”

People are excited for Prom

As the Junior Class Council prepares for the event, students, seniors especially, become antsy. “I’m excited for Prom. It’s my senior year and it’s the last dance I’ll ever go to here, which makes it really special,” said Koerper.

Behm agrees. “Since it’s my senior Prom, I’m excited to have fun with all my friends for the last time before we go to college,” she said.

Prom is April 30 from 9 p.m. to midnight and After-Prom is 11:30 p.m. to 4 a.m. and a student ID and ticket are needed to get in. Tickets for Prom are $20 and tickets for After-Prom are $10. They will start going on sale two weeks before the dance.