Gnomes enhance Shakespeare’s classic romantic tale

True love comes in all shapes, sizes, colors and varieties of plaster. Many times, true love has to overcome obstacles such as when the family doesn’t like the significant other. William Shakespeare’s timeless Romeo and Juliet is a classic example of a family feud keeping two lovers apart and eventually leading to their demise. Take this storyline, add some wacky gnomes and Elton John music and you get Gnomeo and Juliet.

            Gnomeo and Juliet starts off showing two households, the Capulets and Montagues, both alike in dignity, on Verona Street. The elderly neighbors who occupy these homes have been feuding for as long as anyone can remember, and the feud has trickled down to the point where even the gnomes that occupy the gardens of the opposed are in a constant war. It is, and always has been, that Mr. Capulet’s Red gnomes, lead by the widowed Lord Redbrick, and Miss Montague’s Blue’s, headed up by also widowed Lady Blueberry, are in constant battle. The offspring of these small porcelain leaders, aptly named Gnomeo of the Blue clan and Juliet, daughter of the over-protective Lord Redbrick, have been raised to despise their neighbor gnomes. On one fateful night in a garden shack just outside the boundaries of either yard, however, these star-crossed lovers meet in disguise and fall in love. Quickly though, true colors are revealed and it becomes obvious they cannot be together. But since when has that stopped teenagers in the past?

            Shenanigans and cheesy pop-culture references ensue as the young gnomes try to let their love blossom while staying true to their families’ loyalty. If you’ve ever read or watched Romeo and Juliet or any spin-off such as West Side Story, Shakespeare in Love, or even a Romeo and Juliet themed episode of your favorite sitcom, you understand the general storyline. As you probably know, the ending is tragic to say the least. But, seeing as Gnomeo and Juliet is a family-oriented, G-rated movie, the ending is slightly more optimistic. Although the ending is predictable, there are twists and turns along the way that give the movie a loveable, zany spin. Although Gnomeo and Juliet may not be a rendition of Romeo and Juliet that will be remembered for eternity, it makes for a colorful, enjoyable 84 minutes.