CAKE’s simple start has stayed strong over the years

CAKEs simple start has stayed strong over the years

Usually when you ask people if they like cake, they’ll immediately think about the sweet dessert food. However, for 20 years the band CAKE has broken through the barrier between food and musicians and brought an interesting sound with them.

CAKE’s first album, Prolonging the Magic, introduced them to the world, and they gained a large group of loyal fans. CAKE brings an interesting mix of traditional instruments while putting a big emphasis on the horn in their songs. The 1998 album showed everybody that they were ready to make a big impact on the world.

Prolonging the Magic has songs that defined who CAKE was at the time it was released. Never There and You Turn the Screws both have an untraditional mix to them; in Never There, a dial tone starts the song and the sound of phone buttons being pressed continue throughout the song. Other songs that have a traditional sound include Alpha Beta Parking Lot and Walk on By.

Whether listening to their traditional songs or their untraditional songs, I always enjoy listening to CAKE, no matter which album it is. Prolonging the Magic is great start for anyone wanting to try some CAKE, and people who love CAKE will always enjoy this album.