‘Snacktime!’ delights fans both young and old

Snacktime! delights fans both young and old

The well-known Canadian rock group Barenaked Ladies made their rock sounds simpler in 2008 with the May 6 release of Snacktime! This album is meant for their younger fans, but that doesn’t mean that their older fans can’t learn to love these simple, funny songs. Snacktime! has songs that cover a wide range of topics but still portray the sound that made Barenaked Ladies famous. From talking about baby frogs in Polywog in the Bog to teaching an alphabet that differs from the one that many have learned in Crazy ABC’s, Barenaked Ladies’ attempt to enrich the lives of youngsters both educationally and musically. Other well-known celebrities like “Weird Al” Yankovic, Lyle Lovett and Janeane Garofalo lend their voices and insight about their favorite snack in The Canadian Snacktime Triolgy: Snacktime.

This album may be for the kids, but I still find myself loving every song on it. Both the songs and the band are really funny, and the music on the album always reminds me of the reasons why Barenaked Ladies is one of my favorite musical groups.