Action-packed ‘Red’ is worth your time

Action-packed Red is worth your time

Bruce Willis and Mary-Louise Parker provide lots of action in the film “Red.”

Originally a comic book by Warren Ellis and Cully Hamner, Red is an action-comedy that blasts on screen with laughs, love and high explosives that combine for a 111-minute stew of a good time.

The film features Bruce Willis as Frank Moses, a retired CIA black ops agent who has been labeled “RED,” or Retired, Extremely Dangerous. When the CIA realizes Moses is still a danger to them, they send an assassination team to take care of him. However, Moses manages to escape and then goes on a countrywide romp to gather his old team of CIA agents. The team includes his old mentor Joe Matheson (played by Morgan Freeman), the paranoid Marvin Boggs (played by John Malkovich), and assassin Victoria (played by Helen Mirren). With this all-star cast, Red provides a fantastic two hours of action and comedy.

The movie was released to mixed reviews, primarily because critics felt that as an adaptation of a comic book of the same name, it mostly would appeal to fans of the series. But I think that assessment does this film a disservice. While Red is no Inception or The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra, it certainly isn’t a horrible film by any means whatsoever.

This film is best suited for comic book fans, action fans and comedy fans. While Red may not make it into many film libraries, I certainly find it to be worth more than a single watch. Don’t pass up Red if you have the chance.

What does Red get in terms of scoring?

Quality – 3/5

Length – 5/5

Characters – 5/5

Timelessness – 2/5

Average – 3.5/5