‘Play On’ takes hilarious peek behind the scenes of a play

Play On takes hilarious peek behind the scenes of a play

Seniors T.J. Klopfstein, Lexi Muller and Destre Inlow; juniors Audrey Coleman and Matt Ebersbach; and sophomore Cassidy Fink do continuous warm-ups during rehearsals for ‘Play On.’

Throughout the years, a plethora of plays and musicals has been produced on Fairmont High School’s stage. The question is, though, has there ever been a play produced with a play within it? If there hasn’t been already, there is now. Director Darren McGarvey and the cast of Play On will show you how it can be done when the winter play is staged in early February.

Play On demonstrates the hardships of putting on a play: how it all comes together, the drama and the endless time and effort put forth in a short period of time. Play On is play that gives a behind-the-scenes look at all the steps in putting on a play — the many things that go wrong, as well as the things that go right.

Fairmont sophomore Caroline Grogan has been a part of many plays at Fairmont and other theater companies and especially enjoys the format of Play On. “This play shows all of the backstage drama, the background rehearsals, preparation and an actual completed play,” Grogan said. “There is so much going on in this play, it ends up being a hilarious mystery.”

Not only is the play a comedy, but the winter play cast members are having a fun time working on it, too. But they know when it’s time to stay focused and get to work. “I believe we all have a lot of talent. We all love McGarvey, we have a great time, but at the same time, we can buckle down and work hard,” said Grogan.

Buckling down involves rehearsing. “Rehearsals are a crucial part to this play coming together,” said senior T.J. Klopfstein, someone who understands the work ethic needed because of his involvement with other plays at Fairmont. “The biggest difficulty and struggle with this play is the scenes,” he said. “We repeat many scenes, but we change them up sometimes in the most minor way to keep the comedic tone going.”

Klopfstein’s fellow cast member Cassidy Fink agrees with him profusely. “Play On is a play within a play, which makes it a bit difficult in its own right – plus there’s all the direction and advice that the director gives,” she said. “However, it is a really fun time. You get to make friends that you wouldn’t normally get to make. And it’s so fun to be on stage.”

The cast members realize that in order for the play to be successful, they also need to draw big audiences. The cast members of Play On don’t intend to have any problems on that front, though. Fink believes the play will not only be humorous for adults, but also a kid-friendly play as well. “Kids will like it because this one has more of an outrageous humor rather than a dry humor that kids don’t quite understand,” she said.

In addition to the satisfaction the actors get from performing, they find another benefit to being involved in a school play. “I love the people in this play,” Klopfstein said. “We have all become really close and have a good time when we are together.”

Fink agrees. “My definite favorite part is being with everyone. We are like a production family outside of school.”

Play On will be performed in the auditorium at Fairmont High School on Feb. 3, 4 and 5. Each of these performances will be at 7:30 p.m. Tickets are $5 for students and senior citizens and $7 for adults. Senior citizens with the “Seniors are Special” card can get in free.

“This play is very creative and really allows us to make it our own,” said McGarvey. “It gets hectic at times, but it really is a good feeling to have the liberty to put on a good production.”