‘The Flyer’ welcomes your CD, movie and book reviews

The Flyer welcomes your CD, movie and book reviews

Entertainment – be it music, movies or books – is a huge part of American society in the 21st century. The Flyer newsmagazine recognizes this and tries to provide reviews each month over these various media and entertainment forms.

Let’s face it – there are thousands of CDs, films and books and, well, we simply can’t cover it all. But with your help, we could do a little better.

The Flyer newsmagazine has decided to open The Flyer website to reviews by Fairmont students and staff. Got a favorite band? Why not review their latest release and let the world know why they’re great – or why they let you down this time? Is there a band or artist you love to hate? Those reviews are even more fun to write, and they’re sure to generate some comments on the website.

Interested? Then take a look at the requirements:

  • Each review should be between 250 and 500 words typed in 12-point Times New Roman, double-spaced.
  • Your review must be of a CD, movie or book.
  • Try to make what you pick as recent as possible.
  • Be certain that your review offers an opinion. Don’t just tell the reader about the CD. For example, tell the reader why you like it – or don’t. Try to be specific in your compliments and criticisms.
  • On each review, rate the CD, movie or book on a 0-5 scale. (Half stars are available.)

CD reviews

  • Include the band or artist name, the album name and the genre.
  • It’s also helpful to include a little background on the band/artist and a mention of other CDs by the band/artist.
  • Be sure to identify notably good or bad songs on the CD by name, and include your reasons why.

Movie reviews

  • Include the movie’s title and director. It might be useful to mention other films by this director.
  • Identify the genre of the movie as best you can.
  • Identify the major actors in the film and the characters they play.
  • Include a short synopsis of what the movie is about (without ruining anything for the reader).

Book reviews

  • Include both title and author, then give a short synopsis of the book (without ruining anything for the reader).
  • Include background on the author if possible, as well as information about previous books by this author.

The Flyer, of course, will maintain editorial control. Reviews must be suitable for our audience. We reserve the right to edit reviews for length, clarity and to remove prohibited content. In addition, The Flyer reserves the right to choose to not publish a submission at all or to not publish it in its entirety. All reviewers must be identified, and The Flyer staff will confirm identification. No anonymous submissions will be accepted.

After completing your review, make sure that your first and last name and advisory are somewhere on the review. To get your review into The Flyer, you can either give it to Adviser Janie Ross in Room 121 in East Unit, or you can email it to her at [email protected]