New Eleventh Hour CD electrifies listeners

New Eleventh Hour CD electrifies listeners

By Andrea Rollert, Features Editor

Fairmont High School’s top a cappella group Eleventh Hour released its 5th CD, Electrify, in late October. This 16-song CD is definitely worth the $15 it costs if you enjoy pop music being sung in a new, refreshed way. Their rendition of Morningside, originally sung by Sara Bareilles, is full of life and energy, and their mash-up of Don’t Dream it’s Over and Kiss Me puts a new spin on each of the songs.

It’s not a surprise they’re the only high school group ever to be on the nationally televised show The Sing Off. The students’ talent shines through on this CD, giving five-part harmony a whole new meaning. The group, which also features a soloist and a vocal percussionist, is not only entertaining but also very musically gifted.

Because I personally know the members of this group, I believe they are very down-to-earth people, along with being some of the hardest-working musicians out there. Just listening to the CD isn’t enough to experience their amazing musicianship. You can come to select Fairmont choir concerts to see them, or you can contact Director Brody McDonald if you want them to appear at an event of yours. You can get more information by visiting the choir website,

Eleventh Hour is the type of group that’s going to sound just as good live as they sound on the CD. They really are a group to experience, yet if you can’t manage to see them live, the CD will definitely suffice. If you enjoy pop music sung well and non-traditionally, then Electrify is for you.