Drug dogs sniff lockers and cars; one incident reported

Drug dogs sniff lockers and cars; one incident reported

A Kettering police officer takes a drug dog through Fairmont High School in order to sniff for any drugs or other illegal substances.

During third period on Wednesday, Dec. 15, Kettering Police officers took drug-sniffing dogs through the halls and parking lots of Fairmont High School, searching a total of 2,300 lockers and 800 cars. Fairmont Principal Dan VonHandorf said the search resulted in only one issue of drugs, but it was not within the school itself.

“The results of this drug search were better than any of us had hoped for,” VonHandorf said, adding that the search should send a clear message to Fairmont students. “Our students must know that we want a safe and great environment here at Fairmont High School, and part of making this such a great environment is monitoring drug usage and being proactive in preventing kids from bringing drugs and alcohol onto Fairmont’s campus.”

VonHandorf encourages any student with questions or concerns about the search to reference board Policy 5771, which states that “the Board of Education, or its designees, reserves the right to search the person, personal belongings, and automobiles of a student (or used by a student), on school grounds or at any school activity … .”

All in all, VonHandorf praised Fairmont’s student body for taking such a great part in making sure the school is drug-free. “The police said the results of the search turned out great. Overall, it went really, really well.”