Fairmont’s phenomenal Food Drive helps local pantries

Fairmonts phenomenal Food Drive helps local pantries

Assistant Activities Coordinator Roger Bauser sorts through just some of the many food items donated in Fairmont’s Food Drive.

Fairmont High School’s 2010 Food Drive was hugely successful, with four trucks and a van making three trips to area food pantries to deliver all the food collected the week of Nov. 15-19. Last year’s drive only had two full truck loads of food to deliver to the pantries.

“This year was phenomenal,” said Student Activities Coordinator Jenny Borchers. “If this year was any indication, then next year should be even better. If we grow again, then we will have to go to more than just three food pantries.”

The Neighbors to Neighbors Pantry, also known as the Greenmont Oak Park Pantry, was very pleased with the amount of food it received from the Food Drive.

“I thought it was great,” said Brian Donovan, who represents the Neighbors to Neighbors Pantry. “In my years with the pantry, this is probably the biggest Food Drive. The student body did a great job.”

Donovan said that some of the food went directly on the shelves, while the rest will go to their Christmas Basket event. The event involves the pantry giving out 150 baskets of food to 150 families. The baskets contain about a week’s worth of food.

In addition to the Neighbors to Neighbors Pantry, Fairmont delivered food to the Oakcreek Pantry and Kettering Food Pantry.

Overall, 72 advisories participated in this year’s Food Drive. It was a tight race to see who collected the most food, with East Unit barely edging out Central Unit. East and Central had 14 advisories place, but East Unit had more gold advisories. West Unit came in third, and South Unit was fourth.

This year Borchers used a gold, silver and bronze status to motivate students and advisories. Advisories received a list of most needed items, and they gained the gold recognition by bringing in three of every item. Two of every item earned silver, and one of each earned bronze.  The goldest of the gold advisories in each unit were: Room C226 Jennifer Richardson, Room E122 Jessica Stickel, Room E148 Terrence Kalba and Room S420 Jessica Kelly.

“I was really happy with our class in the Food Drive,” said sophomore Shannon Brown, who is in Stickel’s advisory. “I’m excited for next year’s Food Drive so we can dominate again.”