‘Contra’ offers Vampire Weekend’s eclectic mix

Contra offers Vampire Weekends eclectic mix

Vampire Weekend’s newest CD, was released in January 2010. Contra is different from many other types of music that exists today, but for a Vampire Weekend CD, it’s perfectly normal. It keeps a strong rock sound throughout the album, but changes the tone and tune in every song to make them sound like they come from different albums.

The first single on the album, Cousins, was available as early as Jan. 3, along with a music video on the band’s MySpace. Five bonus songs are available through different types of downloads. An iTunes bonus track includes the songs Giant and California English: Part 2. The Contra Megamelt bonus disc includes the songs Contramelt A, Contramelt B and Cousinz (Toy Selectah Mex-More Remix).

The songs on this album are good songs to listen to at any time. They stand up on their own, as well as add to the tracks that are on their first album, Vampire Weekend.