Today’s fashion trends have roots in past decades

Todays fashion trends have roots in past decades

Showing off today’s fashions; Mark Fader, Imani Love, Erica Coffee, Eric Elliott

Fashion trends are constantly changing, along with changes in emphasis that range from tacky to sophisticated or to just plain and simple looks. Each new generation creates its own style, often by taking trends from past decades and modifying them. Trends go out of style and then come back; sometimes it’s even hard to keep track of what is “in.”

The 1980s

Taking a look back to the 1980s, the style then was very similar to what is popular now. Leggings, oversized sweatshirts, ripped jeans and many more trends have come back into style. Tapered jeans, now more commonly known as “skinny jeans,” are extremely popular now with girls and boys.

Some other styles that were considered “hip” in the 1980s, however, have now faded out. These include stone-wash jeans, shoulder pads, jellied shoes and “pretty much neon anything,” according to Hilary magazine. The 1980s was a crazy decade, but today’s teens still reflect some of its styles.

The 1970s

The 1970s was a time of disco, punk/goth and making a statement with unique fashions. Anything shiny, sequined, vibrant or stretchy was the ideal “disco look.” Tight pants and spandex tops were very stylish in the 1970s, says, which adds that leopard skin prints, stretch halter jumpsuits and white clothes also were major fashion statements in the ‘70s disco scene. For a more casual look, mini-skirts and short dresses were the typical fashion trends for women.

Style today isn’t as “funky” as it was in the ‘70s, but some similarities are evident. Sequined head bands and, of course, short shorts and mini-skirts are still very popular fashions. Trends from the ‘70s have even been recycled to fit present-day style.

The 1960s

In the 1960s, bright colors and floral prints were popular, mostly on dresses. Daisy prints and polka dots were also big, and color was a huge focus in this era. The so-called “hippie” look exploded in the ‘60s. The hippie style included bell bottoms, tie-dye shirts, and the short-lived Nehru jacket, which was popularized by The Beatles among others, and featured a mandarin collar. Headbands and head scarves were very typical for this culture group and many other young people. Some men wore as much jewelry as the women. The jewelry was very colorful and eye-catching; it completed the “look.” It was very common for young girls to wear pleated skirts in this era. Platform shoes were also very popular in the 1960s, and even though some of today’s teens think they’re awesome, this style mostly faded away.

Comparing the style of the ‘60s to present-day style, there are many similarities. Bell bottoms are still popular, although they don’t have quite as much flare. Stores now offer many different forms of styled jeans, such as “boyfriend fit,” “boot cut” and “skinny jeans.” Scarves and headbands have returned as a very fashionable way to accessorize.

Fairmont students adopt, adapt

Just as America’s style on 2010 reflects trends from the past few decades, so do the personal styles of Fairmont students. In many cases, these trends have been modified and expanded into more modern forms to reflect the style of the present.

Fairmont junior Kristina Fothergill loves the ‘60s and says that her style reflects a lot from that decade. “I like the long dresses and designs/patterns from the ‘60s, just like the hippie stuff. I have a bag I got from Yellow Springs and it is just very unique,” said Fothergill.

One trend that seems to be very popular with girls now is jeggings. These are just like leggings, but with a stretchy jean material that forms to your legs. Cardigans, which may have had their heyday in the pre-hippie 1960s, are also fashionable now for both men and women. This sweater-type trend is often shown with skinny jeans and boots. Plaid is also a fashion that is booming, according to Seventeen Magazine. Other fashions that are still popular today are “big” jewelry, like necklaces, earrings and over-sized rings, which adorn the necks, ears and fingers of many students at Fairmont.

Fairmont junior Kenzie Dorman has strong views on the best and worst trends of the year. “I think the worst trend of the year is silly bandz because they’re ridiculous and have gotten out of hand. The best trend is leather jackets coming back into style because they’re super hot!” she said.

 In footwear, many young women prefer flats, ankle boots and Ugg boots. For young men, “Jordan” shoes and any “Jordan” clothing make a major fashion statement with a sporty look. Many of these fashion trends also existed in past decades.

Despite the trends in style, some students prefer the casual look, but with their own personal touches.

“I dress casual with a pop-flare!” says Fairmont freshman Andy Kramer.

Others agree with Kramer that it is easier and more comfortable to dress casual. “I wear jeans and sweatshirts every day because it is what I’m most comfortable in. I don’t see the point in getting dressed up for school,” said junior Tommy Kimbrell.

It seems that the only constant in fashion is that certain looks will continue to be recycled over and over again. As trends come and go, it may be difficult to know what is in style and out of style. But chances are that if it was fashionable in past decades, it’s still around in some form today.