‘The Crazies’ offers an intelligent gorefest

The Crazies offers an intelligent gorefest

Diseases are one of the biggest fears in today’s crowded society. What with H1N1, HIV, AIDS, and even the common cold and flu, diseases can be extremely scary. In Breck Eisner’s remake of the 1973 George A. Romero classic, The Crazies, fear isn’t the only thing people are catching from disease.

Set in the middle of the fictional Ogden Marsh, Iowa, The Crazies provides thrills and chills caused by a mysterious affliction that causes the bearer to go insane and then go on a killing spree. The film starts at a high school baseball game, which is suddenly interrupted by a trusted old man of the town, Rory Hamil. The lone man is armed with a 12-gauge shotgun, which he raises and points at the sheriff. A horrific series of bloody happenstances occur soon after, leading to the decimation of the small town.

The Crazies stars Timothy Olyphant as Sheriff David Dutton, and Radha Mitchell as Judy Dutton, the sheriff’s wife and local doctor of the town. Supporting them throughout this adrenaline-pumping fearfest are Joe Anderson as Deputy Russell Clank and Danielle Panabaker as the hospital assistant Becca Darling.

When I saw the trailers for The Crazies, I immediately thought the movie looked like a great thriller for today’s horror market. My suspicions were confirmed when I actually saw The Crazies. The flick is a gorefest, but at the same time it manages to keep an intelligent undertone that many films these days seem to forget. In my mind, this keeps the audience from getting bored with the repetitive gore, which movies like the Saw series have done time after time.

Although the city and names are different, it’s clear that the remake of The Crazies is a modern update of a cult classic.

So what does The Crazies gain in terms of a score?

 QUALITY – 5/5

LENGTH – 4/5