Paper Tongues blends hip-hop beats with rock ‘n’ roll

Paper Tongues blends hip-hop beats with rock n roll

Paper Tongues’ first self-titled album, Paper Tongues, has a unique sound of rock ’n’ roll with hip hop beats that is sure to capture attention. The album features songs that have fast and slow tempos and are extremely catchy. Most of the songs have meanings of hope and have ties to religion in them, such as their songs Trinity and Get Higher. One song, Ride to California, is about going to California because they can and because it would be a great time.

The band was formed in Charlotte, N.C., in 2007 by Aswan North, Devin Forbes, Joey Signa, Daniel Santell, Jordan Hardee, Clayton Simon and Cody Blackler. All the members of the band bring multiple backgrounds of music to the group, which really gives the music its unique sounds and rhythms.

Paper Tongues performed at the 2010 X-fest and got rave reviews from those who heard them live. People said their music was very close to the real thing heard on the CDs.