No Shave November just keeps growing

No Shave November just keeps growing

Junior Alex Isaacs shows off his facial hair in honor of No Shave November. No Shave November is celebrated each year by many students at Fairmont.

Every November, many men set down their razors and let their beards and moustaches grow freely, subtracting from the average 140 days American men spend shaving over their lifetime. Some think facial hair is a worldwide style that just keeps coming back, but others think it’s just guys being lazy.

On average, a man’s whiskers will grow at 5.5 inches per year, but many whack those whiskers off almost daily. That’s not necessarily the case in November. According to, there are only five rules for No Shave November. They are:

(1) You don’t shave in November.

(2) You DON’T SHAVE in November.

(3) If you shave, you are out.

(4) No trimming and no waxing.

(5) Not shaving can go on as long as you want to.

Great or grotesque?

Two sides exist in November: those who love the No Shave month and those who wish it never existed. Quite a few male students at Fairmont who already have facial hair are fans of No Shave November.

“No Shave November is the greatest thing that’s ever happened to the world,” said senior Alex Hatton. Hatton also mentioned that he would be participating in No Shave November for the third consecutive year. Yet for him, the holiday never ends. “I haven’t fully shaved since freshman year,” he said.

Some students only partially participate in the No Shave tradition. “My beard doesn’t grow in very well,” said sophomore Niko Delander. “I’ll probably just have a massive moustache.”

However, some students are against No Shave November. “I really don’t care for No Shave November because I can’t grow a full beard, so not shaving just makes me look dirty,” said junior C.J. Holsten.

Even some Fairmont staff members participate in the razorless month. Mike Nienaber, Fairmont’s West Unit principal, has had facial hair for a combined 42 years. “Life wouldn’t be too different if I shaved,” said Nienaber. “However, my kids probably wouldn’t recognize me, since they’ve never seen me without a beard and moustache.”

Facial hair also runs in Nienaber’s family. “Two of my brothers have had facial hair for as long as I can remember,” he said.

 Does facial hair equal maturity?

Some guys think facial hair signifies growth into manhood – literally. Some guys feel more mature when they have a full face of hair.

Nienaber believes facial hair can affect men. “People say that clothes make the man or woman, and sometimes that’s true with beards and moustaches – that they dictate your mindset,” he said.

Some female Fairmont students are rather indifferent to the special month, but others think it provides a good laugh. “I think it’s funny to watch people trying to grow these big, full beards,” said senior Hannah Kichline.