Drug dogs come up empty at Fairmont

Drug dogs come up empty at Fairmont

On Thursday, Aug. 26, while Fairmont High School students and staff were involved in a mandatory lock-down drill,  drug-sniffing dogs searched more than 1,000 lockers. 

The result? “Not one bit of drugs or drug paraphernalia,” said Fairmont Head Principal Dan Von Handorf.

The dogs were brought to Fairmont by the Kettering Police Department in cooperation with school officials. “We’re going to do everything we can to keep this a good, safe place for kids,” Von Handorf said. “If this is not a good, safe, place for kids, it’s difficult for students to focus on math or science or reading.”

Students should expect these random searches to continue, and per the school policy, possibly grow to encompass searching cars and backpacks. Von Handorf says the balance between student rights and safety is a difficult one. “We err on the side of making sure kids are safe,” he said.

Junior Liz Mercer agrees with these drug searches. “I think the drug searches are legit because drugs in the school is just something we don’t want,” she said. “If you bring drugs to school, you deserve to be busted.”

Von Handorf is excited about this successful first search because he says the safety of the students is something the administration is “passionate” about. “That’s our number one goal,” he said.