‘Can’t Be Tamed’ shows a new side of Miley

Cant Be Tamed shows a new side of Miley

Miley Cyrus’ new album Can’t Be Tamed definitely shows a new side of the good girl Hannah Montana we usually see. Cyrus’ cookie cutter style is being kicked to the curb and a different side to Cyrus is branching out and making her career boom. This new album that came out in June of 2010 shows a more grown-up side to Cyrus. She appears to be rebelling against her “cute little girl” image; she gives the idea that she doesn’t want to be seen as this anymore. This album is making a completely different statement from her last albums. The sound is still a bit on the pop side but has an edgy techno twist. Like most of her albums, she still sings about heartbreak, love, and her crazy stressful life. Overall, I did like a few songs, because it was a new taste to hear from her. Some songs however could have been written better. Cyrus does have a nice voice, but sometimes it comes off a bit raspy. She needs to work on developing her voice to make it stronger. When you listen to Can’t Be Tamed expect a 360 from Cyrus.