Fall flicks set to rock the big screen

Fall flicks set to rock the big screen

Rebecca Hall and Ben Affleck star in Warner Bros. Pictures’ and Legendary Pictures’ crime drama, “The Town.”

As school begins after a long, hot summer, nothing feels better than taking a break from schoolwork to see a movie. Whether you’re into action, romance or comedy, the box office has a movie for every taste. These movies will heat up the big screen in the fall, just as the homework begins to pile up.

The Town

Sept. 17; not yet rated

The Town follows the tale of four professional thieves.  While robbing a bank, the four men kidnap a woman (played by Rebecca Hall) who sends them plummeting into a world of trouble.  One of the kidnappers (played by Ben Affleck) and Hall end up falling in love after they release her, but she doesn’t realize her lover is her former captor.  Hall and an FBI agent hunt the four thieves throughout Boston to arrest Hall’s kidnappers, but they still don’t realize they’re going after her lover.

The Social Network

Oct. 1; not yet rated

The Social Network tells the story of the founding of the social networking website Facebook in a Harvard dorm.  The two boys who founded the website were first met with immediate success but soon ran into conflict. Other men accuse the boys of stealing the idea of Facebook, and the two friends start to argue about the website and turn into enemies.  After the boys are sued for $600 million, their friendship is destroyed.

Let Me In

Oct. 1; not yet rated

Let Me In is about a young girl, Abby (played by Chloe Moretz), who moves next door to a young boy, Owen (played by Kodi Smith-McPhee), in a small town. Owen doesn’t have many friends at school, and the other boys bully him.  He becomes very close with Abby, but notices something is different about her.  After a string of murders hit the town, Owen realizes that Abby is a murderous vampire.            

Life as We Know It

Oct. 8; PG-13

Life as We Know It is about two single adults (played by Katherine Heigl and Josh Duhamel) who are brought together by the death of their two friends.  Their friend’s lawyer informs them that they are to take care of their friend’s young daughter, Sophia — together.  Their relationship starts out rocky, but they soon realize their friends picked them for a reason and they make a good family.


Oct. 8; not yet rated         

Buried is about Paul Conroy (played by Ryan Reynolds), a truck driver, who wakes up one day in a confined box underground.  Having no clue how or why he got there, Conroy tries to piece together the situation but has no luck.  Because he only has a cell phone and lighter with him, Conroy has limited options of what he can do. With poor cell phone reception, a draining cell phone battery, and a dwindling oxygen supply, Conroy fights to survive.