Bremer & Wagner say it’s time to move on

Every so often people move on to a new phase in their life. Some phases are harder than others, like choosing a college or starting a new job. Later down the road, people have the chance to sit back, relax and retire. Two Fairmont High School teachers have decided that time has come.

After 37 years in the Kettering district, Interactive Media Teacher Karl Bremer has only great things to say. At Barnes Junior High, Bremer taught many things, including English, Reading, Social Studies, Math and Health. He was also asked if he wanted to coach the football team. Bremer always liked sports and he liked the kids, so he took up the offer. Once he started teaching at Fairmont High School, he taught Interactive Media and became WKET Station Manager.

“I guess I was in the right place at the right time,” said Bremer. He was never interviewed for his teaching job. When he student taught at Barnes Junior High, he was hired on the spot. “You make your own luck, but I guess I was just very lucky.”

After teaching many art, painting, speech, and photography classes, Fairmont Art Photo teacher Donna Wagner is ready to retire. Wagner said she loved teaching the high school age group. “It was a wonderful opportunity,” she said.

Teaching in the classroom for 27 years has Wagner ready to start a new chapter. For 22 of those years, she taught in the Kettering District. “It has been fun, but it’s time to move on to the next phase,” said Wagner.

Wagner’s next phase includes traveling, entertaining her friends and taking classes, like French or cooking.

Now that Bremer’s retiring, he knows exactly what he’s going to do. “I’m going to shoot some ball, exercise, and play with my grandkids,” he said.