Schnarr seeks to help team & reclaim record

Not many people understand what it takes to be a multi-sport athlete. It takes time, effort and a lot of dedication. Maintaining a 3.5 grade-point average all through high school while playing multiple sports makes senior Jamie Schnarr stand out among the crowd.

During Schnarr’s freshman year, she stayed busy with a different sport each season. She played volleyball in the fall, swam in the winter and played softball in the spring. After her freshman year, she was recruited to play varsity soccer the following year. This was a good change for Schnarr, considering she wasn’t too happy playing volleyball. “My coaches had me play setter, but I really just wanted to hit the ball,” she said.

Sophomore year, Schnarr got her younger brother involved in swimming. “He got better and I didn’t,” said Schnarr. She didn’t like it as much, so the following year, she decided to let her brother enjoy it without her.

As her years at Fairmont went by, Schnarr started focusing more on softball, her favorite sport. The past six summers,­­­­­ she has played for the Miami Valley Express, a club team. In the summer league, she played first and third base, but at Fairmont, Schnarr plays left field or catcher.

Personal and team goals

Being a senior on the softball team, Schnarr has many goals, but her main focus is bringing the team closer together. “In past years, we’ve had trouble bonding, but I hope it will change with our senior class,” she said.

Another goal of hers is to re-break Fairmont’s season homerun record. As a sophomore, Schnarr broke two records: season homerun and career homerun. The career homerun record still stands, but Katie Burianek broke the season homerun record Schnarr’s junior year.

After watching Burianek transform from sitting the bench to breaking the record, Schnarr was very excited about her accomplishment. “Watching her get that record was freaking awesome! I loved it,” said Schnarr. “But I’d like to get that record back.”

Even though Schnarr wants to do well herself, she also focuses on what she can do to support her team. This year, she’s playing on the field instead of behind the plate. “It’s different, but I want to do whatever I can to help the team,” said Schnarr.

Schnarr said she likes being involved in athletics because it helps build relationships and allows her to get to know people on different levels. “I try and help people through their struggles,” said Schnarr, “even though it can be hard to push through the pain.”

Active at FHS, planning for the future

While excelling on the softball field, Schnarr also excels in the classroom. Along with good grades and AP classes, she’s one of few girls in the Intro to Engineering and Design program at Fairmont. “It’s a more male-dominant career,” said Schnarr. “It’s 66 percent male and 34 percent female.”

Schnarr also is in Fairmont’s chapter of the National Honor Society, and she’s the Senior Class Council president. In addition, she also gets involved throughout the community. Schnarr is an assistant coach for the Van Buren seventh-grade girls’ basketball team and is a supporter of Young Life.

Trying new things and getting involved in so much has helped Schnarr get ready for her college years at Trine University in Angola, Ind. “This will definitely be a challenge,” she said. “The coach is tough and the town is awesome.”

Since Trine University is a Division 3 school, Schnarr was unable to receive an athletic scholarship. She did, however, receive scholarships for her academics. Schnarr has an engineering scholarship from Allen School of Engineering for $4,000 per year. She also got the Dean’s Scholarship for $9,000 per year.

Even though Schnarr is ready to move on to bigger and better things in college, she looks back on her high school career and says she loves sports at Fairmont. “It’s cool to just put on a uniform and walk down the hallway to represent the school,” she said.

At Trine, Schnarr wants to make her main focus academics, and make her second priority softball. “I want to focus on school because I’ll only be able to play sports for so long,” she said.