‘She’s out of My League’ is in a league of its own

If you had to rate your appearance on a scale from one to ten, what would you rate yourself? Dealing with your appearance as being a four or an eight can be tricky, but even trickier is thinking that you can only date someone two points higher than you or less. She’s out of My League is all about the one in a billion chance when a solid ten dates a weak five.

Every comedy that has come out in the past couple of years has either been a great success or a huge flop. But even though She’s out of My League wasn’t a huge box office success or a success with the critics, I still think it’s one of the better comedy movies out there. Whether it was the funny lines, situational humor or even just awkward banter, I found myself laughing out loud throughout most of the movie. This movie is like Step Brothers in the fact that it’s just a conversational movie; it’s not the same type of humor in any sense, but many of the better parts come from Kirk (Jay Baruchel) just hanging out with his friends.

But this movie isn’t perfect; the storyline is the same as every other romantic comedy out there and therefore is extremely predictable. Many of the small parts were poorly cast, especially Marnie as Lindsay Sloane, who played her part of the annoying ex-girlfriend a little too well and a little too annoyingly. Also, in many parts you could tell the actors and writers were trying way too hard just to get a laugh.

Kirk is a below-average guy. He has below-average looks, a below-average job and really just a below-average life. Luckily, he finds a woman’s cell phone and she’s so grateful to get it back, she invites him out. Molly (Alice Eve) is successful, rich and one of the most attractive girls alive, but she decides to play it safe and date a guy who won’t treat her poorly, which is where Kirk comes in. Through a mess of family and friends, Kirk and Molly have to go through a lot of trouble just to be together. And with everyone telling him they don’t belong together, Kirk finds himself doubting the relationship due to his self-consciousness issues.

One of the criticisms of She’s out of My League is the use of vulgarity throughout the film. Well, to critique the critics, the film is rated R; what did they expect? Even if it wasn’t, with the way our society has been accustomed to sex, alcohol and profanity, there’s nothing people haven’t heard or seen. If you flip through the radio you’ll hear songs about alcohol or drugs that are worse than anything you’ll see in this movie. And profanity has even become second-nature in the USA today. Honestly, I’ve heard more vulgar things come out of a nine year old at McDonalds than from She’s out of My League.

She’s out of My League doesn’t break any barriers in the comedic world. It doesn’t give insight to relationships or how to fix your life; but it is a truly funny movie and these days that’s hard to find. And what I do find to be special about this movie is that it’s a great date movie but also a movie to just watch with your friends. She’s out of My League won’t change your life, but it will give you some great quotes that will keep you laughing for a very long time.