‘The Book of Eli’ opens eyes across the country


The Bible is the most widely read book, as well as the best-selling book, in the world. But imagine a world where the complete opposite is true, and not only have a scarce number of people read the Bible, but even fewer know it’s still in existence. The Book of Eli depicts this world.

The Book of Eli follows the main character Eli, played by Denzel Washington, on a journey west. Why is he going west? God told him to go west. Eli lives in a world after the apocalypse has occurred, where food and water are people’s main concern. And although he should be more worried about staying alive, Eli is following his blind faith.

However, Carnegie, played by Gary Oldman, wants to use the Bible for his own destructive purposes to help take over what’s left of the world. So Eli is left to face Carnegie and his band of thugs alone. That is, until he meets Solara (Mila Kunis), who knew nothing about the Bible but is so interested in it, she follows him to escape her hometown.

I’ve always known Washington was a great actor, but in this movie, he is truly glorious. He plays the character Eli so well, it’s difficult to imagine anyone playing it better.

I don’t have one bad thing to say about The Book of Eli. Between the great cast, awesome script, and breathtaking storyline, this movie is truly epic. To start off the 2010 season, this film sets a tone and a very high standard other movies will have trouble following.

Through an amazing yet slightly gory venture, The Book of Eli is one of the most eye-opening movies I have ever seen. To me, movies these days are so concerned with being mainstream, but this had a theme — an actual theme that mattered in the grand scheme of things. Whether you’re religious or not, this movie puts things into a perspective that can’t help but blow your mind. On a religious level, it helps to teach about faith as well as the teachings of the Bible. And on a secular level, this movie shows which things really matter in the world and how people should act toward one another.

The Book of Eli helps bring in the New Year and gives people a better outlook on life. With so many things going wrong in the world today, this movie might just be what you need.