For Today is brutal in ‘Portraits’


This album is heavy. Period. If you are down to feel your body rumbling, put this CD in your car immediately.

For Today is not just another stereotypical metal band that wears tight jeans, Vans shoes, and beanie hats. This band is on a whole separate level with their latest album, Portraits. If bass drops (when the percussion stops and then comes back in with an even heavier bass line) and breakdowns get you going, you will fall in love with this album.

Portraits, lyrically, exceeds any metal album that I have ever heard. The song lyrics are completely focused on religious beliefs, mainly Christianity. The entire album centers on “the fathers of faith.” The guys in this band live out their faith and it is seen by the straightforward lyrics throughout the album. In the song Immanuel (The Challenger), lead singer Mattie Montgomery says “Repent or perish.” If that isn’t blunt enough, then I don’t know what is. The heaviest songs include Joel (The Watchman) and Saul of Tarsus (The Messenger).

Even though the album is drenched in spiritually, Portraits can still be enjoyed if you are not a person of faith. The breakdowns and the technicalities of this record can be enjoyed by any fan of metal core music!