Nutini offers the ‘Sunny Side’ of life


If you want to listen to something soothing and mellow … you’ve got it. Maybe you want to listen to something a little more upbeat … no problem. Maybe you just want to listen to something that has a little bit of everything … coming right up. Just place your order Sunny Side Up.

Paolo Nutini’s second album Sunny Side Up came out this past summer following his first album These Streets, which came out in 2006. Both are filled with amazing vocals, instrumentals and lyrics. Nutini distinguished himself as a musician with his first album and showed us how much natural talent he had to offer. With Sunny Side Up, this Scotsman displays his soulful voice with its distinct scratchiness through the maturity and wide-range in his music.

Songs like 10/10 shake things up a bit with its upbeat vibes, while songs like Pencil Full of Lead take you back into the ’40s era. His hit song Candy is bittersweet, and like all of his music, you will get wrapped up in the atmosphere his music creates.

When I saw him live in Chicago this past August, I was amazed at how effortless he made performing seem. This guy is the real deal. You just don’t get a voice more genuine or authentic than Paolo’s. And at only 22 years old — there’s no telling what’s to come!