‘Everybody’s Fine’ helps bring in the holidays

Around Christmastime, I expect to be dazzled with stories about good ol’ Saint Nick and miracles. Before I went to see Everybody’s Fine, I had heard it was a tearjerker and expected to see a family triumph over hard times through a miraculous adventure. What I got turned out to be the most amazing Christmas story ever.

Everybody’s Fine is now one of my top five holiday movies of all time, and I take my holiday movies very seriously. The storyline was utterly perfect and had me enthralled the entire time. I also couldn’t have asked for a better cast with better chemistry.

The truth of the matter is, no matter how much we all like to pretend everything’s perfect around Christmas, things seldom are. This movie captures the pure essence of family life during the holidays. Everybody’s Fine truly cuts deep into the soul and has you remembering just how lucky we are to have each other in the first place.

The film follows Robert De Niro on his quest to visit his grown sons and daughters. They were all supposed to come visit him in the beginning of December, but all ended up blowing him off. De Niro decides that with his wife gone, he needs to take it upon himself to visit everyone and make sure the family stays in touch. However, due to a complicated medical condition and poor circumstances, his trip is not what he expects at all.

When I saw this movie, a medley of emotions overwhelmed me. I was always in the midst of compassion, depression, heartwarming happiness or just laughing extremely hard. These emotions will bring out a lot in you and I can totally see how people could call it a tearjerker because you will want to cry.

I highly recommend Everybody’s Fine for everyone, not just as a great holiday movie, but as a great movie in general. In the past year, there have been extremely few movies that really made a great impression on me. This is one of those. Bring your family or bring your friends because I promise you, this is a movie worth seeing.