‘Brothers’ fails to impress


When I received my ticket for Brothers, I was expecting a movie that would push the limits of movies about war, have my head spinning with betrayal and war and even have some romance twisted by the evil of death. When I walked out of the theater, my head was spinning from disappointment. To have such a great premise, only to have the final product come out as bad as it did was truly frustrating.

I love war movies and I love movies with romance. When I heard there was a movie with both, I got my hopes up, only to be crushed. Unfortunately, the director, Jim Sheridan, must have thought that if he was going to push one limit, he shouldn’t push any other. As for the romance, there was nothing to even talk about; there was not really any love connection in the movie. Even the married couple in the movie didn’t seem married to me.

The depiction of the war in the movie was mentally disturbing and frightening, which is an important message and very true, but it helped to distort the rest of the movie. By “distort,” I mean that the portrayal of war was so accurate and good, it helped to show how off-key the rest of the movie was.

In my opinion, my first impression was that the acting was abysmal. But then, I thought about how much I love the three main actors: Jake Gyllenhaal, Natalie Portman and Tobey Maguire. All three are amazing actors. I began to think of their performances and I realized none of them had a chance to prove themselves. The best performance was by Maguire because he had about a minute of actual character.

Brothers could have been so much better. The idea behind it was great; it has great actors; and they did a lot of promotion for the movie. However, due to the terrible writing, the awful storyline and the lack of depth, the movie came up way short of my expectations. I support everything this movie is about, but I will never support this movie.