Fall sports teams capture team titles, personal awards

Fall sports have come to an end for the 2009 season. Many of the teams were standouts in GWOC and even tournament play.

Boys’ Soccer

The Boys’ Varsity Soccer team achieved many great accomplishments this season. They won the GWOC, made it to Regional semifinals, had an impressive winning record and broke some records along the way.

The boys won some big games that led them into a long post-season that ended with a loss to Lakota East in the Regional semifinals. The team compiled a final record of 14-6-0. Junior Connor Darnell surpassed the previous school record of 13 assists about midseason, and he ended the year with 17 assists.

This was the first time since the ’90s that Fairmont boys have won the GWOC title in soccer. “Winning GWOC really meant a lot to us guys,” said Darnell.

Many of the Firebirds won individual awards, including MVSSCA Sportsmanship Team: Zach Spangler; All GWOC Team: Nathan Bias; GWOC First Team: Nathan Bias, Connor Darnell and Adam Conlon; GWOC Second Team: Austen Starr, Taiyo Rabenstein; and Honorable Mention: Cory Stempson and Tim Weissman.

Team Awards were: Most Valuable Player: Corey Stempson and Zach Spangler; Most Improved: Nick Braun; Sportmanship Award: Kyle Phibbs; and Coaches Award: Tim Weissman.

Girls’ Soccer

The Girls’ Varsity Soccer team ended their run in Sectional game play with a loss to Wilmington. They ended with a record of 5-8-4. “I’ll really miss all the seniors next year,” said junior Taylor Barr. “It won’t be the same without them.”

The GWOC award winners were: 1st Team: Mia Balsamo and Jane Nicosia; 2nd Team: Kari Cramer; and Special Mention: Natasha Wilson. Team Awards were: Most Improved: Taylor Barr; Most Valuable Player: Mia Balsamo; Coaches Award: Kari Kramer; and Sportsmanship Award: Janie Nicosia.

Cross Country

The Boys’ Cross Country team ended their season at the Regional race. After winning the District title, the boys couldn’t follow up the victory. Despite the loss, many of the guys scored some GWOC titles: Athlete of the Year: Dustin Davies; 1st Team: Dustin Davies, Jake Gentile and Brandon O’Malley; and Special Mention: Michael Minoughan.

“We had a lot of good times this year and had some great achievements,” said junior Kevin LaVoy.

Along with the boys’ team, Girls’ Cross Country team member Maria Meredith qualified for Regionals but she couldn’t produce a time that could qualify her for State. The girls received one GWOC award: Special Mention: Amanda Warvel.

Both teams achieved a great accomplishment by making it as far as they did. The returning members for next year will have big shoes to fill. “This season was very fun and everyone improved throughout the season,” said junior Kindra Samons.

The team awards were: Most Valuable Runner: Brandon O’ Malley and Maria Meredith; Most Improved Runner: Mike Minoughan and Brittany Johns; Sportsmanship Award: Tome Musselman and Amanda Warvel; and Coaches Award: Bill Timmer and Julia Slusher.


The Varsity Football team ended their season with a loss to Centerville. The loss gave the guys a final record of 4-6. The big win for the season was a tight victory over Beavercreek mid-season. Brendon Cunningham and Sherman Wilkinson were third and fourth in GWOC for receiving yards, and Cody Tangeman was second in GWOC for sacks.

GWOC teams are First Team: Jordan Erbes, Michael Shope, Sherman Wilkinson and Brendon Cunningham; Second Team: Matt Jackson, Cody Smith, Cody Tangeman and Ben Victor; and Special Mention: Nathan Kohls, Tom West and Nick Bower.

Team awards are Most Valuable Offensive Lineman: Michael Shope; Most Valuable Offensive Back: Ben Victor; Most Valuable Defensive Lineman: Cody Smith; Most Valuable Defensive Back: Matt Jackson; Sportsmanship Award: Jordan Erbes; Coaches Award: Sherman Wilkinson; Most Improved: Peter Nicoll; and Most Valuable Player: Brendon Cunningham.

Many of the Firebirds are college football bound. Jordan Erbes will attend Eastern Michigan University, Ben Victor and Brendon Cunningham will attend Ohio Dominican University, and many of the other players are undecided.

Girls’ Volleyball

Girls’ Volleyball lost their final game in a nail-biter to Beavercreek in post-season play. The game went to the max of five games and had spectators on the edge of their seats. “We really went out on a good note and left everything we had on the court,” said Sant.

The girls finished with a record of 11-12. GWOC awards were: First Team: Cassie Sant; Second Team: Kim Sietter; and Special Mention: Lauren Kraemer. Team Awards were Most Valuable Player: Kim Sietter; Most Improved: Lauren Kraemer; Sportsmanship Award: Peggy Williamson; and Coaches Award: Hannah Klink.

Girls’ Tennis

Girls’ Varsity Tennis ended with a record of 9-10. They faced some tough matches throughout the season and tournament. Many of the girls earned GWOC titles, including GWOC First Team: Kaitlin Pickrel (singles); GWOC Second Team: Natalie Wolfe (singles); and Special Mention: Liz Shine and Margeaux Leakas (doubles). “I love tennis and I’ll miss it so much. We had a great season and everyone worked hard,” said Leakas.

Team Awards were: Most Valuable Player: Kaitlin Pickrel; Coaches Award: Margeaux Leakas; Sportsmanship Award: Natalie Wolfe; and Most Improved: Laura Cordonnier.

Boys’ Golf

Boys’ Golf had a great season with a GWOC record of 3-1. In tournament, they had two losses to end their season. GWOC awards were: Second Team: Nathan Duff; and Special Mention: James Stewart. “It was a fun season and we had a lot of success,” said Duff.

Team Awards were: Most Valuable Player: Nathan Duff; Most Improved: Will Hudson; Sportsmanship Award: Spencer Kerivan; and Coaches Award: James Stewart.

Girls’ Golf

Girls’ Varsity Golf finished with a record of 3-14. This was a ground-breaking year for the golf program at Fairmont, as it was the first year that the girls were able to form a JV team. “Girls’ golf was eventful this year. We had our ups and downs, but I had a lot of fun and I’ll miss it,” said senior Hannah Mercuri.

GWOC awards were Second Team: Krista Neidert; and Special Mention: Alex Storie. Team Awards were: Most Valuable Player: Alex Storie; Coaches Award: Krista Neidert; Most Improved: Anne Marie Cardilino; and Sportsmanship Award: Hannah Mercuri.

Field Hockey

The Varsity Field Hockey team suffered a tough loss to St. Ursula Academy, 2-0, to end their season. The girls finished with a record of 11-7. “We had a blast this year,” said senior Amanda Turner. “I had a great four years with field hockey.”

Since field hockey is not a GWOC-associated sport, there were no awards given. However, the individual team awards were: MVP: Emily Miller; Sportsmanship Award: Amanda Turner; Most Improved: Allie Angerer; and Coaches Award: Sam Brahm.