Weezer disappoints yet again


Los Angeles alternative rock band Weezer returns to the music scene with the follow-up to 2008’s The Red Album. The new album, titled Raditude, once again proves that the amazing geek-rock sound heard on their first few albums will never be realized again.

Ever since I can remember listening to music, Weezer has been one of my favorite bands, if not my favorite. Classic hits such as Buddy Holly and El Scorcho have dominated my plays on iTunes for most of my life. When they released The Red Album, I was a little disappointed, but still satisfied with their revised sound. Raditude has totally changed that perspective, however.

The album is pretty much terrible from start to finish. You’ve probably heard the single, (If You’re Wondering if I Want You To,) I Want You To. When I first heard this track on the radio, I was appalled, but I had no idea the record would be this bad. Replacing the angst and emotionally charged lyrics heard on earlier albums is repetitive, pop -sounding teen rock. Lead singer Rivers Cuomo utilizes none of his natural range and instead keeps a boring, repetitive tone throughout the record. The music itself is uninspired, cheesy and overproduced.

I didn’t think I could lose much more respect for them while listening to this terrible record, but then I heard the song Can’t Stop Partying and essentially lost all hope for Weezer. The electronically produced pop song features guest vocalist Lil Wayne. Upon this discovery, I almost instantly decided that Weezer will no longer be on my list of top bands. I’m still having trouble keeping my food in my stomach after listening to that track.

So for fans of Weezer, don’t buy this album. For fans of alternative music in general, please, do not buy this album. It’s awful, and I can’t believe a band that has produced six solid records could fall this low and sell out this badly.