So Long Forgotten rises to new heights


So Long Forgotten has been flying under the radar, but Things We Can See & Things We Cannot has the potential to bring the group to new heights.

The members of So Long Forgotten, a soulful and intelligent indie rock group, are close friends with members of As Cities Burn, and you can tell this when you listen to Things We Can See & Things We Cannot. The album starts off strong with A River Flows in the Desert, which has hints of Brand New and Further Seems Forever intertwined. Princess Among Provinces, a personal favorite, has aggressive yet meaningful lyrics that will linger with you all day long (“And dear God, if we’re not dead, then you’re all we’ve got/We forgot the rain clouds took from the sea to make their drops.”)

Hills Humbled, Mountains Made Low is a highlight of the album, with memorable lyrics and a perfectly placed guitar solo in the middle of the song. Other songs worth listening to are the chill, laid-back Banners Over Us; the heavy, upbeat Onward, to the Garden; and An Empire Razed (A Kingdom Raised). The standout song of the album is Basilea, Basilea, which uses creative metaphors and extreme dynamics to establish a song that will stick with you all day.

If you enjoy some alternative rock with an indie twist, check out So Long Forgotten’s new album Things We Can See & Things We Cannot.

This album can be downloaded at for free.