Jayden Mays Warman is ‘getting so big’

Hey, I am Jessica Warman, and I was a student at Fairmont High School, but then I got pregnant at 17 and moved in with my now-fiance Josh Roberts. We had a beautiful baby boy named Jayden Mays Warman, who is now 7 months and getting so big. 

When I was pregnant, I thought that I couldn’t do anything with my life like go to college and become a nurse or get a great job. But I put my mind to it and studied hard, then passed my test, and now I am taking college classes at South Western University.

I just wanted to tell every student to keep your head up and never give up. And I just wanted to say “hey” to everyone. I miss all my teachers. They were so great and I miss each one of them.

Always, Jessica Ann Warman