‘Paranormal Activity’ will haunt you

When I saw Paranormal Activity, I should’ve brought a change of pants.  Whether or not you’re into scary movies, into low-budget films, or really any movie, this box-office winner is a must-see.

I saw Paranormal Activity before a lot of the hype began about it. I had heard from about five people that it was the scariest movie ever, and a couple of people told me they cried. This should be known: I don’t get scared during horror movies. That being said, I was expecting a letdown and a pretty mediocre movie at best. What I saw was one of the most suspenseful movies I’ve ever seen with a couple purely terrifying moments.

I totally see how this movie could make someone cry; it is mentally exhausting. There are few still-frame shots that give your brain a chance to focus. You’re expecting something scary to happen, and most of the time, this is when things are the least frightening. A door might creak or something might move on its own, and these events tear down everything you thought about what was going to happen next. The movie, however, was nothing compared to getting out of the theater in pitch black. I couldn’t get to sleep for hours upon hours.

The next day, I had an epiphany: Paranormal Activity wasn’t that scary. I went to the theater hearing rumors about how true the movie was and how most of the footage was real. But, when I looked on the Internet, to my dismay, I found out everything was fake. Also, everyone who saw it after me, who had all heard an entire week of how horrifyingly shocking and mind-blowing the movie was, thought it was anywhere from awful to just slightly good.

I know I sound incredibly hypocritical saying that I was terrified and that the movie wasn’t that scary, but it’s true. If I had expected the movie to be scarier, I wouldn’t have been scared. And that’s why I say it’s a must-see. I have heard so many different opinions about the movie, about how scared some people were and about how some people just wanted to leave; I’ve realized this is just a movie different from what everyone expects.

Forget what you’ve heard, because that might ruin the movie for you. Everyone should see this movie, and make their opinion of it.