Students, staff wrestle with health-care issues

When children are born in this country, they are given the right to public education so they can grow up to be informed and contributing members of society. However, if one of these children should fall ill and his parents don’t have the right insurance plan, that child could be left to die.

This is a harsh reality for some families in this country, and it has left many wondering why the government hasn’t stepped in and done something to ensure everyone has quality health care.

“We are the richest country in the world. We should have more than enough resources to take care of our own people, enough to make sure they have quality health care,” said Allied Health teacher Diane Patterson. “Especially with the current economic climate, some people who have always had insurance now don’t have it because they’ve lost their job.”

Others, however, oppose any intervention in the health care system. “Health care is not a right, it’s a privilege. People should earn it by working hard,” said senior Joey Bucaro. “They shouldn’t have quality health care handed to them from the tax money of hard-working people.”

Quality is a debatable term. Some say the quality of health care would improve with government intervention; while others are more skeptical.

“I think the quality of health care would definitely decrease if the government steps in. Anytime you add more government, quality goes down and the price increases,” said senior Joe Yahna.

It seems everyone has a passionate view on health care, including the people on Capitol Hill.

“I believe it’s absolutely essential that we come out of this year with a substantial health care reform,” said Democrat and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, according to

However, the other side of the aisle doesn’t always share the same thought. “Heavy-handed mandates from Washington politicians and bureaucrats will only intensify skyrocketing health care costs and leave more Americans without coverage. Working against those who provide jobs and benefits will not lead to insuring more Americans,” said House Minority Leader John Boehner on his website,

To those who feel that we should try to emulate another health system Patterson offers some advice. “We should not be trying to copy anyone, not the Canadian system or the English system. That’s what’s best for them; we need what’s best for us.”

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