Thrice raises the bar with ‘Beggars’


Thrice has produced something bigger and better than ever before with Beggars. This alternative rock band from California is known for its always-changing genres, and Beggars is the missing piece from the puzzle. From Vheissu to The Alchemy Index to Beggars, Thrice has never stayed consistent with their sound, but Beggars is the best Thrice production to date.

The new album is more raw, relaxed and bluesy than previous records. The lyrics in Beggars are honest and relate to everyone. Lead singer and lyricist Dustin Kensrue spills his heart through heavy thoughts on marriage in The Weight, and through stories made of metaphors such as Wood & Wire. Though Thrice produced more easy-listening tracks this time around, songs like Talking through Glass, At the Last and The Great Exchange are heavier and more aggressive than the majority of Beggars. Other key tracks on Beggars include Circles, a personal favorite that is organ-led with an epic ending, and In Exile, which features prime guitar work and beautiful chanting toward the conclusion.

Though every song on Beggars deserves attention, the title track is the highlight of the album. It builds up slowly, beginning with subtle guitar and organ and concluding with one of the most explosive, loudest endings I’ve ever heard. This is a must-have album.