Blink-182 gives you an ‘Enema’ you’ll enjoy


Enema of the State is the third album from the California punk-rockers Blink-182.  This album put Blink-182 into mainstream rock and basically made ’90s punk rock a lot better.  You cannot talk about ’90s punk rock without mentioning Blink-182.

The album has four of their hits, including the song that kicks off the album, Dumpweed, which is my favorite song on the album.  It also features What’s My Age Again, Adam’s Song, and their most popular single, All the Small Things.  Three other songs from this album received radio air-time, including Going Away to College, The Party Song and Anthem.

This is my favorite album from my favorite band.  I give it five stars, because I think it changed punk rock and has had a lot of influence on the great rock music of today.  I also had the chance to see them live over the summer, and they were great.  If you ever get a chance to see them, it wouldn’t be wise to pass it up.  I’d recommend this album to anybody who likes today’s rock music.