The fall of The Fall of Troy


On Oct. 6, Washington progressive-rock band The Fall of Troy dropped their fourth studio album, In the Unlikely Event. Progressing further with their unique experimental sound, the album takes on a whole new leg of music from their earlier releases.

The album is pretty hit-or-miss, as are many of their releases. They took a new approach with their third album Manipulator and put some interesting twists on this new album. A bigger focus on production and cleaner guitar parts coupled with a significant decrease in heavier vocals from singer/guitarist Thomas Erak give the album an almost-pop sound, with progressive riffs and the occasional breakdown.

The album starts off solidly with my favorite track of the record, Panic Attack!, which, although lighter and more melancholy, brings back some of the sounds and crazy guitar riffs heard on earlier releases. The next song, Straight Jacket-Keehauled, really hits hard and sees them reverting back to their hardcore roots. After the end of the third song, the album drops off in quality significantly, reverting back to the overproduced pop-rock sound heard on Manipulator. At the end of People and Their Lives, the album picks back up again and shows a striking resemblance to their first self-titled album, my favorite release from the band.

An up-and-down record overall, it may not be a very welcomed album for the hardcore fans of the band’s releases after the sophomore album Doppelganger, but it certainly beats Manipulator and has some really great tracks.