Fairmont offers an awesome learning environment

I never realized how lucky we are to attend Fairmont. The faculty always seem to be trying to promote good grades, good sportsmanship and provide a good learning environment for the students.

One aspect of Fairmont I especially appreciate is that the school seems to be constantly trying to stay up to date. This year, I’ve been handed several new textbooks. It makes learning so much more interesting when you aren’t using a book that is fou times your age. Not only that, but Fairmont is updating its library. I’m sure that this will increase the number of students who use it on a regular basis.

You also can’t forget to mention that Trent Arena was built a few years ago. Not only is it a great place for many of our teams to play and practice, but we’ve had musical concerts and many of our dances in there also.

With colleges and job markets becoming more competitive, and you can’t forget the economy. It’s great that Fairmont offers so many options, including AP classes for students to take advantage of while they are here. Also, Fairmont is the only school in the area that offers the IB program to its students.

During the three years that I’ve been here, I never truly understood how lucky we are to have the community support that we enjoy. During our tennis season, we played some schools that only had 5 or 6 members when it takes at least 7 to have a full varsity team. We found out that many of those teams had a decrease in players because school levies in their communities didn’t pass. This meant the student athletes had to pay more money just to be able to play … and sometimes it was hundreds of dollars. That blew anything I had to pay to play tennis out of the water.

This made me realize how awesome it is for Fairmont to have the support of Kettering behind their schools. Paying hundreds of dollars to be able to play a sport would count out many athletes and deprive them of the ability to be a part of a team. Some of the other things we enjoy here are made possible because of the community.  I mean, sure, I knew it was important to go out and vote, but the effects of not passing a levy have only mildly affected Kettering in the years I’ve been at school.