Brand New lives up to their name


Brand New, the quartet from Long Island, N.Y., has released yet another album that lives up to their always transforming, mysterious standard. Daisy, the fourth release by Brand New, is darker, harder and heavier than anything they’ve ever created. Listening to the entire album straight through will leave listeners gasping for air and feeling completely exhausted.

From start to finish, Daisy is musical and lyrical genius. The first track, Vices, is the most unfamiliar to the old Brand New sound, blending an old hymn with a post-hardcore vibe. Bed, the following track, is easily the most forgettable track produced by Daisy because it lacks Brand New’s usual intensity and is anticlimactic. The first single, At the Bottom, fuses typical Jesse Lacey yelling with an eerie, almost quivering vocal performance. Tracks such as Gasoline and Bought a Bride stand out, being very aggressive and full of ferocious vocals that send chills down your spine.

Along with Gasoline and Bought a Bride, You Stole has some of the most awkward-yet-perfect sounding guitar licks that Brand New has ever written. Other songs worth listening to are Nora and Sink, two very thick, angry, Nirvana-inspired jams that will not disappoint you.

This record is for anyone who enjoys Brand New, because it is a perfect fusion of everything Brand New has ever written. Daisy is a must have!