‘Good Morning Fairmont’ continues tradition

Everyone looks forward to Friday.  It’s the last day of the school week, and the beginning of the weekend, which brings football games, band competitions, hanging out with friends, and of course, sleeping in.  But at Fairmont, Fridays also bring another tradition – Good Morning Fairmont.

On almost every Friday morning for over a decade, Good Morning Fairmont has been broadcast to the student body in advisories.  The program is produced and taped by students from the Career Tech Center’s Interactive Media class, taught by Laura Hutchens and Karl Bremer.  While Good Morning Fairmont’s main purpose is to announce both ongoing and upcoming school events, the hosts also make an effort to entertain their audience and begin the last day of the school week with a few laughs.

New faces, new traditions

In past years, permanent hosts appeared on the show each and every week, but this year’s hosts vary from one week to the next.  Seniors Kevin Erman and Allie Dyer hosted the first installment of this year’s Good Morning Fairmont on Sept. 4, and the Sept. 11 show was hosted by seniors Tim Green and Brooke Curtis.

This year’s hosts were selected late last school year through a combination of teacher recommendations and informal auditions, which were conducted to determine the best position for each person.  As for a long-term schedule, Green, student producer of the show, says they’re taking things one week at a time for now.  “Things are a little rocky at this point, but we definitely hope to have different faces at the desk from one week to the next.”

Along with the faces at the desk, there are upwards of 10 other students behind the production of Good Morning Fairmont.  “On an average show, there are usually 10 to 15 kids involved altogether, including those who work on pre-production,” said Hutchens.

Technology brings new goals

As for the goals of the Good Morning Fairmont crew this year, Hutchens says they hope to gain more of a presence on the Internet, partially with the help of The Flyer’s website, www.fairmontflyer.com.  “In most high schools across the country, the journalism classes work directly with the media classes,” says Hutchens.  “We’re hoping to establish that kind of connection here at Fairmont, too.  I think the kids will really get into it.”

Green echoes these sentiments.  “I’d be really happy if we could get the entire school interested, the students and the teachers alike.”  Along with going online, Green says he hopes to increase schoolwide interest with the addition of themed shows and new videos.

Others can get involved

Hutchens also hopes to incorporate more of the student body into the production of Good Morning Fairmont this year, with added positions such as field reporters.  “If anyone has any ideas of something they want to see on the show, they should come talk to us and we’ll see what we can do.”

Anyone interested in getting involved with Good Morning Fairmont should pay a visit to Room 515 in South Unit.