Interactive Media video wins award

On Sept. 9, Fairmont’s Interactive Media program learned a former student’s video had won SchoolTube’s Community Service Contest.

The video that won the contest was about the Good To Go Backpack program. The Good to Go Backpack program is one of the charities that will be a recipient of the money raised from the Spirit Chain fundraiser. The program benefits students who are a part of the Kettering City School District, staying with this year’s theme of “Keep it in Kettering.”

The video was produced last year by CJ Saunders as one of his portfolio projects. It was aired on campus and cable TV last year. On Sept. 1, in an effort to increase Internet exposure, the Interactive Media program uploaded the video to SchoolTube. Just eight days later, Laura Hutchens, the Interactive Media teacher, received an email congratulating her and her students for winning the contest.

SchoolTube is a website monitored by teachers that allows students to post videos online, and unlike YouTube, SchoolTube is not blocked on school computers. SchoolTube picks the winning video based on the opinion of their internal staff, who look at both content and production.

“I’m really proud of the video CJ produced and congratulations to him for helping us win the award,” said Hutchens. “I think it’s great for increasing both the Interactive Media Program and Good to Go Backpack’s web presence and exposure.”