‘Ocean Eyes’ is as soothing as the ocean


There’s no such thing as being sad when you’re listening to Owl City. Between the deepest lyrics anyone has ever heard and a beat that carries you into a new world, Ocean Eyes is one of the best albums I’ve ever heard.

Owl City is a project that consists of only one member, Adam Young, who started making the music while suffering from insomnia late at night in his basement. Young is creating new styles in popular music, which are making trends and breaking new barriers.

Listening to this album will make you feel happy, it’s as simple as that. Every song brings on a state of euphoria that washes over you and cleans your soul, leaving you feeling fresh. Owl City’s music is slightly geared toward girls, but if you can get past that, the music will blow you away.

Fireflies and Tidal Wave are extremely optimistic songs that reflect the past experiences of Young and the struggles that he’s trying to overcome. On the other hand, songs like The Saltwater Room are beautifully morbid and show a deeper side of the project, epitomizing the magnificent meaning behind the album.

The only downside to Ocean Eyes is that if you buy this CD, you’ll be playing it on repeat for the next three months. Everyone needs to give Owl City a chance; it might just change your life.