New staff, new roles … or no longer here

Several staff changes greeted students when they returned to Fairmont this year. This is a list of the changes. For the full story, click here

New to Fairmont:
  1. Patti Boone, Art Teacher
  2. Daniel Boyer, Math Teacher
  3. Scott Byer, Social Studies Teacher
  4. Melissa Charske, Physical Education Teacher
  5. Beth Fensel, Art Teacher
  6. Rebecca Gentry, French Teacher
  7. John Harvey, Math Teacher
  8. Matt Hughes, Business Teacher
  9. Lois Isaacs, South Unit Counselor
  10. Laura Jacobs, Math Teacher
  11. Chris Leis, Special Education Aide
  12. Jillian Kelsey, Library Media Specialist
  13. Karla Maybry, Social Studies Teacher
  14. Steve McDonald, Social Studies Teacher
  15. Darren McGarvey, Drama/English Teacher
  16. Lori Moorman, Intervention Specialist
  17. Emily Newman, Science Teacher
  18. Shellie Schultz, Intervention Specialist
  19. Melinda Taylor, Music Department Secretary
  20. Andrew White, Central Unit Principal
  21. Corey Wilson, Social Studies Teacher
  22. Elaine Zamonski, Latin Teacher
 New Roles at Fairmont
  1. Tyler Alexander, South Unit Principal
  2. Frank Baxter, Assistant Athletic Director
  3. Susan Bennett, Art Dept. Chair
  4. Linda Bergman, Social Studies Dept. Chair
  5. Hank Bias, CBI Coordinator
  6. Jenny Borchers, Student Activities Coordinator
  7. Tim Cogan, Health/PE Dept. Chair
  8. Pat Fife, International Baccalaureate Coordinator
  9. Christine Fine, Alternative Program Teacher (Barnes)
  10. Scott Mitter, Mathematics Dept. Chair
  11. Chris Newman, Intervention Specialist
  12. Audra Samanas, Foreign Language Dept. Chair
 Retired from Fairmont
  1. Chris Griggs, Social Studies Dept. Chair
  2. Bob Karl, History Teacher
  3. Larry McSwegin, Business Teacher
  4. Thom Meyer, Art Dept. Chair
  5. Donna Runzo, Alternative School Teacher
  6. Barb Strader, French teacher
  7. Wanda Tapp, South Unit Counselor
  8. Tim Voegeli, Math Dept. Chair
  9. Jan Wagoner, Foreign Language Dept. Chair
  10. Judy Yux, Intervention Specialist
 Others who left Fairmont
  1. Rob Dement became Athletic Director at West Carrollton H.S.
  2. Amy Hamilton is pursuing her MFA in theater at the University of Alabama-Tuscaloosa.
  3. Kerry Linklater is teaching at KMS.
  4. Dr. James J. Schoenlein was promoted to district superintendent.
  5. Shane Tomashot is pursuing his Ph.D at Georgia State University.