PTO buys 2 snowblowers for FHS

In these difficult economic times, $6,400 is a nice chunk of change.

The Fairmont PTO is offering each of the four class council advisers a $1,600 grant to spend in a way that will improve Fairmont as a whole.  The advisers have been instructed to work with their students to come up with ideas.

Because of the disbandment of the Fairmont PTO, the PTO treasury, consisting of donations, fundraisers and membership fees raised over the years, now must be spent.  Along with sponsoring the 2009 Key Awards, this money is also making up the four $1,600 grants.  “The money was raised for Fairmont, it should go to Fairmont,” said PTO representative Jenny Davis.  “As long as the grant is for the whole Fairmont community, we will approve it.”

Senior Class Council Adviser Jenny Borchers was the first to spend her grant.  After brainstorming ideas and talking to custodian Don Bradam, she made her decision.  “Don mentioned that he’d love to have new snowblowers, and I said, ‘Well, you should get new snowblowers,’” said Borchers.  “How often do we get to reward our custodians?  In terms of safety, it’s a win-win situation.”

The grant was approved, the two new snowblowers are in and the custodians are ecstatic.

“The school’s old snowblowers just didn’t work on wet or heavy snow; they just packed it down,” said Bradam, who playfully refers to the old snowblowers as “toys” and had begun bringing in his own snowblower from home.  “These new ones, they actually cut the snow and then blow it. It’s like comparing a Cadillac to a Ford.”

Bradam didn’t hesitate to show Borchers his gratitude for her decision.  “He’s probably thanked me 20 times since the snowblowers came in,” said Borchers.  “When I got here that morning, he ran up and gave me a big hug.”

Sophomore Class Council Adviser Amanda Miller has made her decision, although she has not yet written and submitted the grant application. “We’re going to buy a small group of computer systems for the library,” Miller said.  “Since technology is so expensive, I wanted to help out with it.”

The Freshman and Junior Class Council advisers are still working on brainstorming ideas and applying for their grants.

Borchers and the other advisers are grateful for this opportunity. “We felt very fortunate that they thought of the class council for these grants,” said Borchers.

And the custodians are all in high spirits about the new snowblowers.  “We’re all really thankful,” said Bradam. “We’ve been kind of hoping it would snow again so we could learn how to use them, but it hasn’t.  But that means we can keep them clean!”