Three free horror games to spook your interest

Three free horror games to spook your interest

Horror games, or rather games that include horror elements and aim to frighten the reader, have existed for a long time. The appeal comes from actually completing the game, storyline or overcoming fears. Over the years, they’ve gotten progressively more popular with young adults and teenagers.

Horror games and their storylines have developed and grown over the years. However, many cost a pretty penny to buy on Steam, despite being short to play or generally not very spooky.

So here’s a review of three free horror games that can be “bought” on Steam, so that you don’t have to struggle through finding a good one yourself.

But first, what is Steam? Steam is a gaming platform created by Valve where you can buy, create, play and talk about games. On this platform, you can make friends, meet new people through games and generally have fun.

Disclaimer: Since Steam is a pc, or personal computer engine, all of the following games will only be able to be played on pc unless otherwise specified.

“Stay in The Light” on Steam.

The reviews for this game aren’t very savory, but with how many horror games there are that include puzzles in gameplay that isn’t solely based on strategy and sneaking… I was willing to take a risk with this one. The graphics from the screenshots given by the producer of the game are beautiful to look at, so hopefully going into this it’ll be delightful. 

“We Were Here” on Steam.

We Were Here has a very high user rating, rating 89% positive reviews from 428 users. The imagery from the previews proved to show interesting scenes, and possibly a free roam type feature. On top of that, it’s co-op, so I may try playing with my brother or dad.

“Cooking Companions: Appetizer Edition” on Steam

At first look, it’s seemingly not a horror game. The game has a cutesy, japanese anime style to it’s art- but seeing as it was under the psychological horror category, it seemed to be in my best interest to play the game. The screenshots from other users show that the artstyle and art of the game is rather beautiful and high quality, as well as having an over-all cohesive style.