Oculus’ new VR headset makes VR gaming available to the general public


With the constantly evolving gaming industry, Oculus is pioneering accessible and affordable ways to play Virtual Reality (VR) games. With their new headset, the Oculus Quest 2, Oculus brought stand-alone hardware that does not require a top of the line pc to use. 

In the past, VR gaming has been only accessible to more “hardcore” members of the gaming community. These “hardcore” members have computers worth thousands of dollars that are capable of running VR games which are streamed to the headsets. The vast majority of VR headsets on the market do not have their own processors and processing power, and rely on computers to make up for the extra slack. Additionally, VR headsets that need a computer tend to be very expensive, $400-700, so the majority of the gaming market cannot afford it.

At $299, the Oculus Quest 2, offers affordable and gameplay that does not require a monster of a system to run. The Quest 2 has its own OS that has the Oculus Quest store and the user game library. Thus far the Quest store has a substantial amount of games, with more popular releases to come. However, this stand-alone hardware has its downsides.

Unfortunately, The Quest store does not have a lot of games to offer and it is definitely lacking in variety. If a player wants more experimental and beta VR than just the Quest platform by itself is not the way to go. Also, with the quest limited base storage of 64 GB, it’s difficult to have a large and accessible library at hand at all times. 

To fix this problem, Quest does offer a link cable to be used with a compatible pc with the appropriate specs. However, the Quest 2 by itself is great for basic VR gaming, but simply does not compete with the capabilities of computer gaming setups.

If someone is looking for something that is capable of running the top VR games with basic graphics then the Quest is great. It is really a wonderful price for a VR accessory to any compatible gaming PC.