Enhypen, BORDER : DAY ONE album review

Enhypen, BORDER : DAY ONE album review

On November 30, 2020 Kpop boy group, Enhypen, released their debut album, BORDER : DAY ONE. Selling 280, 873 albums in the first week, BORDER : DAY ONE became the best-selling debut album of 2020.

Enhypen is a 7-member South Korean boy band under Belift, a joint project between Big Hit Entertainment and CJ ENM. The boys fall under the 4th generation of Kpop with birth years from 2001-2005.

The entire BORDER : DAY ONE album is 6 tracks and 15 minutes and 35 seconds long.  Songs promoted from this album were Given-Taken, the title track and Let Me In (20 CUBE.)

The album opens up with “Intro : Walk the Line.” This track isn’t necessarily a song coming in at only 1 minute and 47 seconds and including a main voice over.

The track includes a push into the plot and storyline of Enhypen and amazing back vocals. The music in the background is almost soothing and is a perfect combination with the voiceover and light vocals.

The second song is the title track, “Given-Taken.” The lyrics entail being and following the dreams of becoming a vampire.

The mystical vibes of this song are phenomenal and the production is done very, very well. I really appreciate the background vocals that you hear throughout that really contribute to the quality of the song. The only downside with this track is that it’s missing the rap aspect that most Kpop title tracks have.

The next song on the album is “Let Me In (20 Cube).” This song is about a vampire not being aloud in a house until the house owner invites you in. The members are trying to get the owner to let them into the house to be with them forever.

This track has a completely different vibe than the title track, being more airy and positive. I really love the way that the pre-chorus builds up and then it drops and the real chorus is very calm compared to the build up. However, I wish there would have been another chorus at the end to finish out the song instead of dropping off so suddenly as it did.

The fourth track on BORDER : DAY ONE is “10 Months.” This song talks about how the boys are no longer young and can protect you from harm.

Similar to “Let Me In (20 Cube),” this song has a very happy aura and positive feeling. This song is very chill and easy to listen to. I really enjoy the outro of this song, however I do think the song overall is a little long since it repeats the same things over and over.

The next song is “Flicker”. This song entails connecting two beings together.

This song happens to be my favorite on the album, however I do criticize this one the most. It has the same almost mystical vibe as “Given-Taken.” The R&B sound goes really well with the vocals.

This song, in my opinion, is way too short coming in at only 2 minutes and 25 seconds. Also, the performance version that was released before the studio version had a lower key and fit the groups voices a lot better.

The last track on the album is “Outro : Cross the Line.” Again, you can’t really call this track a song since it is mainly just talking.

This track has a very eerie and clownish vibe. It is chilling but I find it comforting and an almost safe feeling instead of scary. A chorus of children comes in towards the middle and compliments the voice over very well. At the end you can hear sirens and an urgency in the voices, which sets up what is to come in the next album.

Overall, I would give this album an 8/10. BORDER : DAY ONE is by far one of the best debut albums I have heard and Enhypen has easily made its way into my list of favorite groups. I highly recommend this group and album for people that are both into Kpop and not.

Enhypen has also just announced a comeback for April 26. Make sure you check it out if you get the chance.